Forum no.25 : The Impact of Gold Mining on Environment

Forum no.25 : The Impact of Gold Mining on Environment

Key Note Speakers:

1. Prof. Bader eldin Khali
2. Mohammed Suliman


* Geological classifications and general distribution of gold.
* History of gold mining in Sudan (back to 3,000 years).
* The recent “gold attack!”: economic and social drives.
* Two types of mining are there:
a) Scientific/Technical mining by companies,
b) Random/primitive mining by locals.
* Formation of gold in nature: (primary veins deposits and secondary placer deposits).
* Mining techniques: (open cast mine or underground mine).
* Methods of gold ore treatment: (physical and chemical).
* Stages of ore dressing: (crushing, grinding and agglomeration).
* Chemicals used such as mercury, activated charcoal and cyanide are harmful to human health and environment. Dust of ore grinding, very bad sanitation and scattered garbage are of potential danger too.
* Large pollution of water, air and soil is common.
* Mining activities must always be clean. This can be achieved by awareness, education, poverty elevation and enforced laws.
* Agricultural lands are destroyed as farmers switched to gold and children left schools and gone mining!
* Primitive mining income is very low for all who involved, some lost their own lives.
* Criteria of economically feasible gold mining:
a) Technically-qualified Manpower
b) Developed Infra Structure
c) Encouraging Laws of Investment
d) Good Finance
e) Stability and safety.


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