Forum no.10: Biodiversity and Biosafety

  Forum no.10: Biodiversity and Biosafety

Keynote Speakers :

  1. Prof. Hamid Dirar.
  2. Prof. Ahmed Suleiman Alwakeel,
  3. Prof. AbdAlbagi Mohd. Ali. 


* Different definitions of biodiversity (variation of life at all levels of biological organization).
* The earth’s summit & the issue of biodiversity.
* About 1.4 million species identified till now, unfortunately thousands of species are vanishing each year because of unfriendly attitude of human toward the environment.
* Three levels of biodiversity are there:
1) Genetic diversity,
2) Species diversity &
3) Ecosystem diversity.
* Definitions & some examples of: Competition, Parasitism, Mutualism, commensalisms, Symbiosis and pathogen groups.
* The importance of biochemistry & components of biodiversity.
* Values related to biodiversity (Ecological, Economic, Genetic, etc).
* Species are now vanishing faster than any other time in the earth’s history-Extinction.
* Biodiversity is threatened by population growth, pollution, over exploitation, climate change, etc.
* Agro biodiversity & various ecosystems: forest, range land, wild life, insect, fresh water, marine & coastal habitats and microorganisms.
* International conventions for biodiversity conservation.
* Biodiversity conservation strategies & sustainability.
* DNA, heredity and genetic engineering.
* Biosafety & biodiversity (transgene, case studies…).
* Biosafety & Genetically Modified Foods GMF (people need more food as population rises to 8.3 millions by the year 2025).
* Transgene and human genome.
* Allergy & GMF safety.


Prof. Hamid Dirar  Presentation  Click here

Prof. Ahmed Suleiman Alwakeel   Click here

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Coordinator & web admin of the UNESCO / Cousteau Ecotechnie Chair (UCEC)

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