Forum no.14: The Environmental Legislation

Forum no.14:  The Environmental Legislation

Keynote  Speakers :

  1. Maulana Mohd. Ali Alkhalifa
  2. Maulana Adel Alzain
  3. Dr. Altayeb Murkaz


* The environmental legislation in Sudan transitional constitution-2005.
* Legislation structure for lows in Sudan:
1. Constitution
2. Laws
3. Regulations
4. Basic Rules &
5. Orders.
* Public health: citizen must conserve the environment.
* Delegation of the legislation committee.
* Wild life protection authority: – it’s duties and service conditions at all levels (national, southern Sudan and states).
* Legislation and implementation exclusive authorities at national levels (land, natural resources, intellectual property, Nile water management and conflicts …etc).
* States authority: – natural resources conservation and management, pollution control and agricultural lows, etc.
* Shared authorities between the national government and the southern Sudan government.
* Environmental protection low-2001.
* The authorities of the higher council for environment and natural resources.
* Pesticide low (1994) and the national council for pesticide, the investment low (1999), land use legislation and regulation, national survey corporation low (2001), petroleum low (1998), electricity low (2001), marine low, Sudanese nuclear energy corporation.
* Methodologies and steps of low enforcement.
* Relevant international and regional conventions (Stockholm, Ramsar, Montreal, Basel, etc).
* Illegal transfer of wastes by some countries, federal and states lows, poverty elevation for better environment, lack of environmental sense, the indigenous knowledge and conservation of rich biodiversity in Africa.
* The forum came up with many recommendations such as:
1. Spreading the awareness of environmental rights among decision makers, NGOs and public.
2. Collection and publication of the important environment court cases for better understanding – above sectors.
3. Capacity building for legislation and low enforcement authorities in environment.

For Dr. Adel Alzain  Presentation Click here


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