Forum no.15: Enviromental Ethics

Forum no.15: Enviromental Ethics

Key Speakers :

  1. Dr. SUMAIA M.A. ABUKASHAWA – U of Khartoum
  2. Dr. EMAD FADUL ALMAWLA – Alnelean University
  3. Dr. MERGANI TAJ ALSED – U of Khartoum


* Ethics as broad field.
* Environmental Ethics is to be identified as a meta-ethical term designating any ethical position that expresses a viewpoint concerning man’s responsibility to nature.
* Environmental ethics is concerned with the issue of responsible personal conduct with respect to natural landscapes, resources, species, and living/non-living organisms.
* Environmental Ethics is not limited to action taken by UNESCO itself in pursuance of its established normative mandate, but also includes UNESCO’s role in promoting, supporting and facilitating action by Member States to implement internationally agreed principles as well as cooperation between UNESCO and bodies as professional associations to embed such principles in scientific practice.
* Moral philosophy and environmental ethics.
* Ethics is a very ancient human preoccupation (older, perhaps, than philosophy itself!).Yet, environmental ethics is very new.
* Ethics deals with general concepts as obligation, justice, rights, duties, virtue, beneficence, etc. Moral philosophy deals, in general, with the evaluation of personal acts, conduct, motivation and policy.
* The attempt to extend ethical inquiry beyond human contexts to life communities (i.e. to ecosystems) introduces deep conceptual Methodological problems.
* Bioethics and Biosafety.
* Environmental justice.
* The international conventions and legal instruments like:
1. UNESCO Recommendation on the Status of Scientific Researchers, which is adopted by the UNESCO general conference in 1974 and considered as key international document that focus in this area.
2. International Declaration on Human Genetic Data (2003)
3. Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights (2005)
* National legislation and local policy on environment.

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Coordinator & web admin of the UNESCO / Cousteau Ecotechnie Chair (UCEC)

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