Forum no.18: Waste Management in Sudan.

Forum no.18: Waste Management in Sudan.

Keynote Speakers :

  1. DR. SAMIR NASER HAG IBRAHEM – Alnelean University


* Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) as a decision-making tool to identify environmental burdens and evaluate the environmental consequences of a service, product, or process over its life-cycle from cradle to grave .
* LCA benefits, steps, goals, scope and applications in Waste Management (W.M).
* Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) and LCA in relation to ISO standards.
* Case study: Sustainable waste water management in rural areas.
* Types of solid wastes (domestic/ from industrial areas/ hazardous/ etc).
* Inadequate handling of waste has serious consequences on human health, Environment, and economical development.
* The five steps necessary for proper W.M: (analysis, collection, transportation, recovery and recycling or disposal).
* Training for personnel involved in all above steps as well as law enforcement authorities is must.
* Spreading public awareness by building up environmental media.
* The methods of solid waste collection and disposal is not good, no codes and no standards for W.M in Sudan.
* The impact of plotting industrial areas next to residential areas.
* Preventing diseases is one of the objectives of W.M.
* The Concept of Eco-sanitation and safe use of waste water.
* Forecasting Water Scarcity.
* Integrated Water Resources Management.
* Providing Safe water and sanitary education at schools.
* Evaluation of the environment sustainability index (national/regional).
* Related environmental lows in Sudan.
* Waste services : (official responsibility and public awareness).
* The role of private sector in waste management (environment friendly investment).
* The existing drainage network limited coverage and treatment facility.
* Wastes negative effect on Nile and ground water quality (agricultural, petroleum, industrial activities, etc).
* ‘Sunut’ project and waste water treatment.
* The need for informed decision making along with implementation mechanisms in W.M.

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