Forum no.19: The Potentiality of Recycling Industry in Sudan

Forum no.19:  The Potentiality of Recycling Industry in Sudan

Keynote  Speakers:

  1. Dr. Ibrahem Mohammed Ahmed (Center of Research & Industrial Consultancy)
  2. Dr. Nazar Alrashed Mohammed (International Telecommunication Techniques & Information Organization)


* Stages of waste recycling.
* Plastic substituted many materials in industries like metals and became basic component in every day life, while petrochemicals support the economy of many rich countries.
* Awareness and plastics bad use (carrying food, milk, etc).
* Very bad ways of plastic disposal.
* All types of plastic (HDPE, LDPE, PVC, PET, etc) are loading the environment generating waste in thousands of tons as a result of poor use.
* Managing wastes by reduce, recycle and reuse.
* The experience of U.S.A and U.K in recycling industry: (offering more jobs, lowering CO2 emissions, applying standards in industries including, manufacturing of biodegradable plastic and law enforcement).
* The recycling industry in Sudan and problems caused by not complying with standards in plastic manufacturing.
* Hazardous waste handling.
* Large quantity of electronic equipments production, use and junk.
* Schools and environmental education.
* The leading role of NGOs.

Dr. Ibrahem Mohammed Ahmed Click here

Dr. Nazar Alrashed Mohammed  Click here



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