Forum no.20: Sustainable Development, Concept and Application

Forum no.20:  Sustainable Development, Concept and Application

Keynote  Speakers:

  1. Dr. Yagoub AbdAllah Mohamed (HCENR)
  2. Dr. Saad Elden Ibrahem (HCENR)


* Needs for Sustainable Development (S.D).
* Requirements of Sustainability as: (vertical spatial linkages so that local, national and global policy development efforts and governance are mutually supportive).
* Economic disparity, overconsumption of resources, environmental deterioration, pollution and other challenges and constraints leading to lack of sustainability.
* Integration of the three pillars of S.D (Economical, Social, Environmental) and Rio principals.
* Johannesburg plan of action and MDGs commitment.
* Experience of the Area Development schemes (ADS), like attention to financial sustainability and Community ownership and control.
* ADS approach -sustainability in terms of environment, economy, society, culture and institutions.
* Sudan context: vision, analysis and action.
* S.D Process of implementation – environmental awareness at national & state levels and links with all other projects.

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Coordinator & web admin of the UNESCO / Cousteau Ecotechnie Chair (UCEC)

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