Forum no.21: Impact of Urban Planning on the Environment

Forum no.21:  Impact of Urban Planning on the Environment

Keynote Speakers :

  1. Dr. Omer Mustafa (Ministry of Environment – Khartoum State)
  2. Mohammed AbdRabu Saad (Ministry of Environment & Physical Development)
  3. Dr. Omer Abuzain (Deprt. Of Architecture and Design)


* Complex construction industry is associated with generation of a large pollution, while misuse of water and energy is seen in operating these buildings.
* Eco-building or green building techniques provide economic, comfortable and productive solutions for all users.
* Sick buildings make human sick by: air conditioning, absence of sun light & clean air, using of environment unfriendly materials and bad design.
* The buildings consume 1/6 of world water supply, ¼ wood production, 2/5 fuel & manufactured materials and emitting ½ world green house gases.
* Construction & operation of buildings is one of the most consuming industries for energy and resources.
* Building materials vs. thermal comfort (more glass means more energy for cooling).
* Impact of trees/green spacing on urban and rural environment.
* Sustainable green buildings as anew school and approach in architecture (BREEAM stander applied in U.K in the year 1990, while LEED stander applied in U.S in 2000).
* History of Khartoum state urban planning.
* Surface runoff handling and waste water treatment.
* Sustainable villages.
* Green buildings in Dubai (vertical landscaping).

Dr. Omer Mustafa   Click here

Dr. Omer Abuzain   Click here




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