Forum no.3: Marine Pollution

Forum no.3: Marine Pollution

Keynote  Speakers:

  1. Dr. Mahjoub Hasan Expert in marine sciences and deputy director of the Higher Council for Environment and Natural Resources –HCENR
  2. Dr. Derar Hassan Naser Retired expert in marine science, he worked before with UNEP and other international bodies



1.1.An introduction to marine pollution, its types and sources like crude oil, chemicals, biological and hazardous waste.
2. The marvelous natural resources along the Sudanese coast (750k.m) like fishes, whales-(as dolphins & sharks), corals, mangroves, salt, minerals, foam, etc.
The importance of the red sea
3. Solutions for the existing and expected environmental problems
4. Then the legal frame work, showing some important definitions
5. National and international conventions.

2.1. Dived into risk factors threatening the red sea, its strategic location, physical and biological properties of the red sea, its high yield and productivity, rich biodiversity, the movement of ships and oil transportation.
2. Yet the Sudanese red sea national water’s ecosystem considered undisturbed to a large extend and should be maintain
3. Many recommendations are forwarded like: rising the National Fund for Environment, joining the international treaties and conventions related to the Environment, enforcing the national plan for oil spills, launching intensive awareness programs along with training and building up the national cadres, etc

For Dr. Mahjoub Presentation 1 Click here 

For Dr. Mahjoub Presentation 2  Click here


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