Forum no.4: Safety, Health and Environment of Industrial sector in Sudan

Forum no.4:  Safety, Health and Environment of Industrial sector in Sudan

Keynote  Speakers :

  1. Prof. Abd Almoniem Atteia
  2. Prof. Mohd. Ali Awad Alkareem
  3. Prof. Osman Abusalma


1 .1. Definition of pollution
2. Sources of pollution
3. Gases emission from different industries and vehicles
4. The drastic impact of pollutants on the atmosphere, water and soil
5. The Difference between ground and atmospheric ozone
6. The chemistry of the ozone layer.
2 .1. The main pollutants
2. Related diseases to general Human health and occupational safety
3. Impact of industries on near by residential areas and the safe zone of resident
4. Necessary heath and safety measures within factories
5. The long run affect on natural resources – Environmental degradations.
3 .1. The consumer awareness and culture toward environment and products
2. Yesterday fuels and today’s alternatives like natural gas and ethanol
3. The more poverty the more pollution and diseases
4. First, second and third world countries emissions
5. Solutions like water, wind and solar Energy, proper disposal of all types of waste.


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