Forum no.5: Ground Water Potentiality and Development

Forum no.5: Ground Water Potentiality and Development

Keynote Speakers :

  1. Dr. Jamal Murtada Abdu
  2. Dr. Mohd. Alhassan Ibrahim
  3. Dr. A.Razag Mukhtar
  4. Prof. Abdin Mohd. Ali Salih


The forum presented and discussed the the importance of ground water (G.W) as a venerable and precious natural resource, the G.W management, the challenges facing this management in arid and semi arid areas like pollution and misuse, how to operate the G.W efficiently.
G.W pollution is a direct result of earth’s surface contamination with various pollutants such as waste water.
The aquifers in Sudan: Bara basin, Azaza basin, etc.
The advantages of G.W to surface water (the G.W is fresher & healthier), the hydro cycle and rechargeable aquifers.
Figures and statistics about G.W in Darfur with quantities in rural and urban areas in the Sudan.
Technical modules and mathematical formulas showing the status of the G.W, aquifer and rock formations.
1/3 of the world land mass is irrigated by G.W.
In the U.S.A 45 percentage of cultivated land is irrigated by G.W.
In Algeria, Morocco and Iran the share of G.W is 67 percentage , 75 percentage, and 58 percentage respectively.
In Libya and Tunisia the G.W is the only traditional source of fresh water.
Around 2500 – 3500 BCM of G.W is annually renewable, out of which only 750 – 800 BCM/year is currently used.
It’s clear that most of G.W withdrawal is used for irrigation of agriculture.
The largest G.W consumers: India, USA, China, Pakistan, Iran and Mexico.
Pollution prevention and over exploitation prevention are the right way to sustainable G.W management.
Sand dunes in many deserts are covering large aquifers.
Some of the problems facing the G.W:
1. Lack of clear water policy.
2. Lack of finance
3. No major investment in G.W
4. Dealing with water sector as a secondary one.

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