Forum no.6: Environmental Impact of Pesticide Application

  Forum no.6:  Environmental Impact of Pesticide Application

Keynote  Speakers :

  1. Dr. Najat Mubarak Altayb
  2. Dr. Azhari Omer AbdAlbagi
  3. Dr. Faisal Mohd.Ali
  4. Dr. Mergani Taj Alsaid


1. The forum shaded the light on the pesticide use & the importance of natural resources protection (as water and soil) from pesticide pollution and miss use.
2. Types of pesticide, wrong means of application and its negative impact on human, animals and surrounding environment.
3. The obsolete pesticides must not be in use.
4. The safe methods of application and necessary protective equipment.
5. The recommended quality and quantity for each pesticide.
6. Considering the residue effect before marketing or consuming the agricultural products.
7. Following all safety precautions while transporting, storing, handling, or disposing pesticides. It should be used only by authorized personnel or trained farmers.
8. Some examples of misuse and bad storage practices lead to catastrophic results.
9. Concern international conventions (Basel, Rotterdam, etc).
10. Imposing intensive awareness programs for farmers and agricultural workers.
11. The health impact of pesticide accumulation on animal’s body and milk secretion.
12. Simple techniques to avoid toxicity and contamination like keeping wind direction into account, hand wash after application & covering food stuff during spry.
13. The international code of conduct on the distribution & use of pesticide.
14. The modern approach leading to sound management of pesticides which focuses on Risk reduction, protection of human and environmental health.
15. Support for sustainable agricultural development by using pesticides in an effective manner and applying standard strategies.

The forum came up with many recommendations as:
1. Designing national plans for scientific research and monitoring in the filed of pesticide and providing needed funds, equipments & capacity building.
2. Introducing the ethical dimension in the Integrated Pesticide Management (IPM).
3. Enforcing national permissible level for residues in food and entire ecosystem.

The audience participation was very interesting and enlightens the forum.


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