forum 9 : The Green Design

Forum no.9 :  The Green Design

Keynote Speakers :

  1. Prof. Adil Mustafa Ahmed.
  2. Prof. Elhag Seddig Taha.
* Eco-building (Green Design) concept, the construction materials, clean energy generation, waste water treatment, trees plantation.
* Balanced engineering design that meet human needs and keep environmental sustainability.
* Steps for green design: innovation/the right materials/quality production, etc.
* In order to attain the green city by 2030 we should :1. Resisting the emerging consumer trend
2. Reducing the ecological footprint of the city.
3. Building reliable data base in this context, etc.* Khartoum has the potential to become a green city because of its fresh water availability, long plain river banks, fertile soil, possibility for replanning (great majority of buildings are made of mud and single story).


Coordinator & web admin of the UNESCO / Cousteau Ecotechnie Chair (UCEC)

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