Forum no.28: Paperless Approach for Supporting e-Govt. in Sudan

Forum 28 : Paperless Approach for Supporting e-Govt. in Sudan

Key note Speakers:

1. Mr. Mohammed Hassan
2. Mr. Alhiber Sedeeg Alnos


* E-government is the use of technologies to facilitate the operation of government / System automation of different Government departments and organizations.
* Less papers means less tree cutting and that save the environment.
* Priority areas for e-government include (education, health, business, e-justice and electronic office environment.
* Challenges facing e-government like: Re-engineering and Streamlining of Current Processes, Human Resource Training and funding.
* Paper less approach to e-government means:

a) Office Documents — Paperless — Digitally Storage
b) Office Operations — Paperless — System Development
c) Education Books — Paperless — Digital Education
d) Justice — Paperless — Digitally Record Keeping
e) Hospital — Paperless — Online Emergency

* Paperless approach and e-government needs Passion, Innovation, Creativity, open minded, internal cooperation and commitment.

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Coordinator & web admin of the UNESCO / Cousteau Ecotechnie Chair (UCEC)

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