Forum no.29:ICT for Sustainable Development

Forum 29 : ICT for Sustainable Development

Key note Speakers:

1. Dr. Nader Hasanein .
2. Dr. Ibrahim Hassan.


* Sustainable development is balancing the needs of human with those of nature.
* ICT is a very useful tool to support environmental, socioeconomic and technical sustainable development (Green ICT).
* ICT helps in solving water and sanitation problems by using GIS techniques, sensors & others.
* ICT increase energy efficient use through data collection and (SCADA) systems.
* ICT makes universal access to online reservations & purchase for public transportation possible, planning transportation networks, tracking systems for ideal operations as well as food production and health care.
* Knowledge makes the difference between poverty and wealth.
* Rio is all about sustainable development.
* Mobile & internet communication market fast growth in Sudan and the region.
* No real utilization of the potential of the Internet to drive the ICT industry to serve the development efforts in Sudan.
* In spite of the promising efforts and policies made by the government and private sector, there are certain constraints such as remote areas, poverty, electricity, etc.
* Green ITC & green economy outputs are sustainable development.

For Dr. Nader Hasanein Presentation   ICT-Dr. Nadir M. Hassanein


Coordinator & web admin of the UNESCO / Cousteau Ecotechnie Chair (UCEC)

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