Forum no.34: workshop celebrate World Water Day

Forum no.34: workshop celebrate World Water Day.

1. Environment For Sustainable Development.

2.Forest :Nature at your services.

3.The role of NGOs in environmental awareness.

Key note speakers (respectively):

1.Abdelmoneim Osman Kardash

2.Prof.AbdelAzim Merghani

3.Prof. Moawia Shaddad

Summary no.(1)   

Meet the needs of present population, without comprising the ability of future generation to meet their own needs, while preserving resources for future generation b. Environmental Challenges to SD Depletion of Natural Resources c. Focus Areas for Environment and SD Program and projects that focus on environmental sustainability Mainstreaming of environmental issues across other sectors (transport, energy, agriculture, etc) d. Renewable energy (solar energy, wind energy, etc) f. We need to adopt innovative practices and technologies for sustainable soil fertility and water management – that Work closely with farmers and communities.

For Dr.Abdelmoneim Osman Kardash Presentation   Click here


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