Forum no.35: Challenges of fresh water supply and quality for urban areas in Sudan

Forum no.35: Challenges of fresh water supply and quality for urban areas in Sudan

: Keynote speaker

Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Adam


  1. Factors affecting water use (modalities and habits, population growth, migration, rates of development, human Resources, disasters, lack of modern technologies, increased demand, develop policies).
  2. Water produced in Khartoum:

I -Pumping stations of the Nile River and its branches and the subsequent problems during the flood period.
II -Artesian wells and pollution problems resulting from the lack of close monitoring of drilling companies.

 3.Challenges faced by Khartoum Water Corporation (steady increase in population, lack of adequate budgets, low salaries, lack of training opportunities, small number of employees, Nile stations silting during a flood, weakness to recover the cost of the service).

4.Khartoum Water Corporation has great responsibilities to meet the growing demand for water and recently has several large projects.

5.The private sector used to collect water tariffs but!!

6.Challenges are to decrease budgets and decreasing the number of employees and therefore the increasing number of complaints from poor service.

7.The need for restructuring and improving the conditions of service and training of personnel and the use of modern technologies.

8.Average per capita consumption in the state of Khartoum about 114 liters per day, compared with Wad Medani 140 liters per day.

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