Forum no.36: Natural Resources accounting.

 Forum no. 36: Natural Resources accounting.

Keynote speaker:

Getachew Adem Tahir.


  1. It is a tool to measure the progress towards the green economy “ The improvement of human wellbeing and reflected in social equity and reduction of environmental risks ( according to UNEP)”. Thus it is of low carbon, more resource efficient, socially inclusive.
  2. Growth in income and employment should be driven by investments reducing carbon emissions , and other types of pollution ( It enhances energy and resource efficiency and prevent the loss of biodiversity and ecosystems)
  3. Green Economy replaces sustainable development, while brown Economy does not address social marginalization and resource depletion and far from MDG and it is still a long way to go to sustainability.
  4. The World Bank adjusted net national savings method and system of environmental and economic accounting, According to these techniques changes in stocks of natural capital would be evaluated in monetary terms and incorporated in the national accounts.
  5. NRA is designed to correct shortcomings created by the application of conventional methods like GDP and its derivatives to give a better indication of the state of the economy by considering explicitly the elements of natural capital like forests, water resources ,minerals ,fishery etc..
  6. NRA accounts are a part of the national accounts on which a country strategies and plans are based.
  7. . As a monitoring framework the NRA provides an aggregate physical indicator and an improved indicator of macroeconomic performance such as -THE ENVIRONMENTALLY ADJUSTED DOMESTIC PRODUCT (EADP).
  8. . The EDP is deducted from GDP or Net Domestic Product depletion of and degradation of natural capital and thus provides a more accurate indicator of whether we are LIVING OFF OUR CAPITAL(produced and non produced)..
  9. A record of physical and monetary indicators (values) for specific resources variables such as soil erosion water wastage (pollution)and losses of biological diversity and linking these variables which cause or affected by them with the conventional indicators (GDP)NRA serves as a monitoring technique in planning and policy formulation.
  10. At the national level as well as the sectoral or projects level The NRA provides the needed environmental and natural resources data base for the application of economy wide models(techniques) to be used for analysis at national as well as sectoral and project level economic management. (Take into accounts potential trades off between economic and environmental goals).
  11. Supply side (by industrial origin):Sums of value added (i) agriculture (ii) Industry (iii) services bard industrial classification of economic activities..
  12. Income approach: sum of incomes approached by owners of factors of production.………………………………………………………(i)wages and salaries (labor)(ii)rents(land and other natural resources)(iii)interest (capital)(Iv)profits(entrepreneurs).
  13. The situation in the Sudan, The NPEM states a guideline to enter Depletion Degradation of natural resources: Soils, Forests, Range lands, in the national accounts as depreciation of natural capital assets..
  14. Until now no NRA accounting has been practiced in the Sudan. To start such an endeavour one of the concerned ministries or environmental organizations or forums should take the lead.

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