Forum no.39 : A radar remote sensing investigation.

The Eco-Sustainability Monthly Forum (39) : A radar remote sensing investigation.

Keynote speaker:

Eman M. Ghoneim,

Assistant Professor, Department of Geography and Geology, University of North Carolina Wilmington.

Ph.D. 2002: Physical Geography, Faculty of Science, Southampton University, UK

Summary   : 

  • The basin of the Kufrah Paleoriver was mapped by integrating 78 Radarsat scenes with SRTM data and Landsat images.
  • With an area of ~236,000 km2, the paleobasin is the largest drainage system yet mapped in the Eastern Sahara.
  • The river might have served as a spillway for overflow from Megalake Chad to the Mediterranean Sea.
  • The Kufrah Paleoriver may have acted as a natural corridor used by human and animal population to cross the Great Sahara.
  • The inland delta of the Kufrah Paleoriver and its vicinity could hold vast reservoirs of ground water, oil and natural gas at depth.

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