Forum no.42 : “Durban Conference of Parties”

Forum No. 42: “Durban Conference of Parties”

Keynote speaker :

Dr. Saadeldin Ibrahim Mohammed – Secretary General (HCENR).


An overview about the greenhouse effect, and other basic elements, and how climate change impacts can be estimated systematically in a wide range of sectors. – The historical background about the climate change agreements, its achievements and pitfalls since 1992 that is the adoption of UNFCCC, up till South Africa Durban Agreement on 2011. – Achievement from Bali 2007 till Durban 2011, which included COP 15 in Copenhagen that was a complete failure, and COP 16 in Cancun that had promising outcome. – The issues discussed during the conference, which are the prospect of Kyoto protocol, mitigation commitment and actions by developed countries, developing countries mitigation & adaptation actions, management of financial resources (through starting the Green Climate Fund), technological aspects, the component of capacity building.

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