Forum no.47: Environmental Applications of Nanotechnology with Special Emphasis on Water Purification.

Forum no.47 : Environmental Applications of Nanotechnology with Special Emphasis on Water Purification.

Key note speakers:

  1. Dr. Safa M. Dahab
  2. Dr. Kamal K. Taha  

 Summary : 

Nanotechnology is a field of applied science, focused on the design, characterization, and application of structures, devices, and systems by controlled manipulation of size and shape of materials at the nanometer scale Nonmaterial has a unique or novel properties, due to the nanoscale structuring, they are new forms of existing materials with characteristics that differ significantly from familiar or naturally occurring forms. Growth methods of nanomaterials can be by two approaches; Bottom-up and top-down. Nanotechnology can be applied in different areas medicine, information and communication, heavy industry and consumer goods. Environment applications of nanotechnology in: carbon captures sensors, barcodes, intelligent surfaces, pollutants sensors waste water treatment, energy and for water purification nanotechnology is used for: Detection of target analytes (metals, nutrients, algae, biological agents) Innovations in nanotechnology and nanosciences are having a significant impact in biodiagnostics, where a number of nanoparticle based assays and nanodevices have been introduced for bimolecular detection. This can be by nanofibers and nanobiocides, biofilm removal and nanofiltration Environmental implications of nanotechnology arise as the result of application of nonmaterial in environmental remediation is made possible by the miniaturization of materials down to the nano-scale. However, this same characteristic also influences risk by changing the particles’ potential for mobility, exposure, absorption, reactivity, and toxicity. Uncertainties of nonmaterial relationship between size, surface area, and surface reactivity and in relationship of radionuclide and nonmaterial.

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