Forum no.48: Problems of Cancer in Sudan

Forum no.48: Problems of Cancer in Sudan

Keynote speaker:

  1. Dr . Kamal Hamed Mohamed, FFRRCSI, DMRT,DSN,  Assoc  Prof of Oncology, Faculty of Medicine, Univ of Khartoum.


Tobacco Problems in Sudan:   

Statistics on:

  1. The Global Picture.
  2. The Prevalence of Tobacco use in Sudanese adults .
  3. Quitting rates in Adults.
  4. Tobacco Causes 30 percentage of all Cancers.
  5. TSNA in the Saliva of Snuff and Toombak Dippers.
  6. 82 percentage of Oral Cancers in Sudan are due to Toombak use.
  7. Tobacco and Children.
  8. Toombak Agriculture Problems.
  9. Barrier Factors For Alternative Crops.
  10. Factors Which May Promote Alternative Crops.
  11. Future Research.

Early Detection of Cancer in Sudan:

The presentation covers Short notes on:

  1. Research Results,
  2.  Advanced Cancers
  3. Lack of Awareness.
  4. Cancer of the cervix.
  5. Health Education and Early Detection Activities.
  6. Regional Collaboration in Early Detection of Cancer.
  7. Eastern Sudan Survey.
  8. Training Courses.
  9. Early Detection Clinics.
  10. WIG Early Detection Activities.
  11. Sudan European School of Oncology Study , ESO ,Dr Kamal Hamed,WIG.
  12. ESO  Study Results.
  13. Merowi Course.
  14. Questionnaires Results.
  15. Dongula , Sened , NGO Course.
  16. The Future.
  17. Training of Trainers Course.
  18. Early Detection , Health Education , and Prevention.

For  Dr . Kamal Hamed Mohamed Presentation  Click here



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