Forum no.51: Future Lighting Technology,“Concept and Environmental Impact”

Forum no.51: Future Lighting Technology,“Concept and Environmental Impact”

Key note speaker:

Associate Prof. (Rehabilitation), Dr. Omer Nour , Department of Science and Technology, Campus Norrköping, Linköping University, Sweden 


Professor Dr. A/Rahman Hassan,  Dean of Faculty of Continuing Studies, at Future University Sudan.



1. 19th century appeared the incandescent lamp. Electrical lighting.

Lighting consumes 25 percent of energy consumption world wide .

2. Existing lighting technologies are not environmental friendly.

Conventional electrical lightning is not efficient energetically. Also uses very toxic elements, e.g. Lead, mercury, phosphorous etc.

3. Ideal source of light for us ( The standardized white light ) is the Sun light.

White light can be obtained by  Color  mixing or light conversion.

4. 18 million conventional lamps are sold annually in Sweden ,Only 7 million are recycled properly.

5. Synthesis of nano-sized inorganic materials  require recipes at low temperature to control a short range reaction.

  • ZnO nano-structures for LEDs
  • ZnO nano-structures for LEDs Fabrication

6. Green lighting technology can be achieved, no phosphorous, lead, mercury etc..

7. ZnO is widely used as an additive into numerous materials and products including plastics, ceramics, glass, cement, rubber (e.g. car tyres),lubricants, paints, ointments, adhesives, sealants,pigments, foods (source of Zn nutrient), batteries, first aid tapes, etc.

8.  ZnO is an environmental friendly material, has excellent luminescent properties, possesses self organized growth property and  Possible to obtain the growth at low temperature. This mentioned properties provides a potential for the development of large area, low cost ‘Green’ white light emitting sources.

Read also in details :

Lighting: Background, history, and development.

2. Lighting: Energy consideration.

3. Why white light?

4. Lighting: Environment and toxicity

5. Growth of ZnO nano-structures

6. ZnO nano-structures for white LEDs

7. Recent published results on white EL from ZnO

8. Conclusion

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