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2 thoughts on “Forum no.60: The Potential Impact of The Millennium Dam on The Environment

  • November 28, 2013 at 3:11 pm

    This Forum is well established and is dealing with current enviromental issues
    May Almighty Allah help us all

  • December 17, 2013 at 4:41 pm

    Of the very many presentations made on this Ethiopian Renaissance Dam this is the most relevant one. Both Prof. Abu Shora & Prof. Zerhun defined very well the benefits of of this dam if any(to me none for Sudan apart from power trade) and the many negative impacts especially on our country. Of the many negative impacts mentioned which are all serious to Sudan I will quote here the most damaging one mentioned by Prof. Zerhun who said
    1. loss of river(riverine) bank vegetation due to the regulation of water. River ecosystems are adapted to the annual fluctuation of water. The regulation of the water could(not could but for sure)affect the survival and perpetuation of plant and animal species that depend on the bank overflow(the annual floods)and the silt.
    2. Farmers who depend on the bank overflows of the river during the high swell of the Nile will lose the opportunity to grow crops. Between brackets from my own.

    All people dwelling along the river course from Roseires Dam till those in the Northern Sate will be seriously affected – where will they go? Imagine the above is said by an Ethiopian and no one from else where – funny enough some our engineers are in spite are still talking about benefits to Sudan. Can this be underestimated.
    Though the Ethiopian Prof. talked about the huge waters in the Nubian Sandstone aquifer but both Prof.s failed to mention another damaging impact i.e. the effects ground water along the river – the flood that recharge those low aquifers along the river bank will not be there and thus the decrease in ground water all along the river course.

    Well done UNESCO Chair and future University but I do request that this serious issue be taken further- this Ethiopian dam will result in many and far reaching damages to our country.
    Damages to Sudan are far greater than those to Egypt – funny enough is the one crying more.


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