ESMF NO. 78 : Social Protection and Agriculture

DSC_1683In the occasion of the World Food Day WFD 2015, UNESCO/Cousteau Eco-Technie Chair (UCEC) Organized the Eco-Sustainability Forum ESMF no. (78) Under the theme of the Day

Social Protection and Agriculture

In partnership with Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, with the participation of the International Fund for Agricultural Development )IFAD(, Sudanese development initiative (SUDIA), Practical Action, Sudanese Encyclopedia for the Agricultural Sciences (SENASSUDAN) and UNDP Sudan.

7 sessions highlighted important issues like the food Security in Sudan, Women Farming, Agricultural Knowledge and its role in the development and a short movie about Aljazeera Scheme are displayed.


Find the presentations here :

“Context of International Development Agendas”

Agricultural Knowledge2 .33

PA presentation Seham world food day2015 – Samah

UN SDGs PowerPoint Presentation By Awadalla

االمشاريع والأمن الغذئي


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