DSC_5616The celebration of the World Environment Day WED, serves many tasks of the action plan of UCEC for 2015 which include building national networks through its collaborations with other institutions, networking with stakeholders and counterparts, beside the environmental awareness for public and enhances the decision makers.



UCEC had the initiative to gather a broad segment of the environmental activists and together with those partners which counted by 13 Organizations working in the environmental sectorwho divers from local NGOs, governmental institutions, Universities and UN agenciesjoined their efforts in a teamwork dominated by the cooperation spiritto promote a celebration of purposeful messageby approaching the public and inviting the people in charge to join the global movement for protecting our planet and address messages supporting environment and those partners are:

UN Information Centre UNIC, UN VolunteersUNV, UN Environmental Program UNEP, United Nation Development Program UNDP, Khartoum Cleaning Campaign-KCC,Arab Youth for Climate Change Movement AYCM, Cinema Alshabab, Japanese International cooperation Agency JICA, DAL Group, GIAD, University of Medical Science and Technology  UMST, University of Bahri and Fandora.


Project Description

Unlike the celebration of WED 2014; WED 2015 will effectively use the social media which will guarantee a broad participation from the society especially the youth. The celebration designed selectivelyand concerned the diversity of the beneficiaries; as it targets all the community sectors in all age categories including the children.

The activities consist of cleaning and planting campaigns, exhibit, workshops, Awareness tours and lectures accompanied with entertainment programs, plays and concerts. Other programs will be presented through the social media as the competitions and on line campaigns, beside the closing event which will be hold in 6th June as a conclusion for the whole celebration which will focus on theongoing activities of the participated organizations and seek a strategy for a sustainable collaboration between the partners.

The main venue where the exhibit will be hold must be an attractive place reflect the message of WED and gather abroad and diverse sector of people which accessiblelocation. Other venues will be chosen for lectures and workshops as the cultural centers and the Universities.

The selected datesfor the different activities of WED  have been distributed before the main event which started early in May through the social media. The actual events will start from the mid of Mayand last on 5th June as described below.

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