Two Sudanese Children prove during UN General Assembly that environmental care has no political barriers!

Two Children from Sudan’s UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site to join call on world leaders during Ocean Day to save the Ocean for future generations.
New York, NY – On June 8, two children from the local community living in Dungonab, Red Sea State of Sudan will join other children from more than 12 UNESCO marine World Heritage Sites to call upon world leaders to sign a pledge to protect our ocean for future generations. The children will launch a pledge in front of over 40 Heads of State during a high-level event at the United Nations General Assembly on World Oceans Day in New York.

Ahmed Gamea and Mohmed Danin, aged 14 and 15, accompanied by Mr. Hamid Allahasab have been selected to represent Sudan’s newly declared Marine World Heritage Site. Recognized for its “outstanding universal value”, Sanganeb Atoll Marine National Park and Dungonab Bay – Mukkawar Island National Park were inscribed as a UNESCO marine World Heritage  Site in 17 July, making it the first marine World Heritage Site in the Red Sea and the first recognized Natural World Heritage Site in Sudan.

With the world’s ocean at a tipping point, World Heritage Marine Sites are also suffering from the impacts of climate change, including warming waters, stronger storms, rising seas, and ocean acidification,no place on earth is immune to this global threat . There is hope, however.

The international community has committed to care for our natural wonders, and these children are bearing a message of hope: if we work together, we can overcome today’s ocean challenges. We still have a chance to save our ocean treasures. But we must act now, and we must work together. Future generations will inherit the consequences of our actions − or inaction.

People from across the globe will be invited to sign the pledge digitally on the UNESCO marine World Heritage website,

Sudan’s participation in this event was made possible by the support of UNESCO, Darwin initiative (UK Aid), Cousteau, Red Sea University, and the Sudanese Development Initiative (SUDIA).

For more information and to sign the pledge visit:  (page under construction)

For more information about the Sudanese’s Marine World Heritage site :


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